Le Gout du Paysage- Versailles 2019

From Mai to July 2019- Romain will be organising  L' "Atelier Culinaire" in The Potager du Roi in Versailles during la Biennale du Paysage where guests chefs will be invited every sundays to cook their talent using the organic vegetables supplied by Les Jardins de Courances.

During ten sundays, Michelin star chefs will be using the potager du Roi as an inspirational venue to deliver food crafted on site at a "pop up" restaurant set up for the event. 

Alexandre Chemetoff, the comissaire du "Gout du Paysage" will be presenting his vision of the balance beetween city and nature.

Bespoke soirée in Paris

23 October 2018- Bespoke soirée is a very special event created by Jason Stoneking.



Musicians, book reading and poetry, and of course some delicious handmade canapés and small bites to accompany it.


Chateau St Philippe

September 2018- Teaming up with chef Sylvain Jamois at Chateau St Philippe, http://chateausp.com in the French Alps, near Aix-les-Bains working hand in hand with Anna Julh (Cheese Journeys) and Tenaya Darlington aka-Madame fromage, cheese blogger and author.

"Cheese Journeys offers you a custom-curated food tour - a “behind-the-scenes” experience allowing you to meet and learn from some of the world’s best artisan cheese, wine, beer and food producers" (Cheese Journeys)

Cheese Journeys


Tenaya Darlington


Chateau de Courances

In the summer of 2014, Romain went to France to help with the developement of a new project at The Chateau de Courances.

"Feeding Paris" is the ambitious plan that Valentine de Ganay has set up to deliver some of the best organically grown vegetables according to revolutionary agricultural methods...to Paris best restaurant scene!

With Michelin Star Chef such as Yannick Alleno (Le Meurice), Julien Dumas (Lucas Carton) or even Teshi (Pages) highly committed, Les Jardins de Courances is continuing to feed Paris...

Romain has been a regular cooking at the chateau for the last 4 years.

Les Jardins de Courances

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